Boost your marketing
with qualitative insights

If you want to power up your marketing game, you have come to the right place.
Sonar is the platform that maximises your marketing impact with qualitative insights from your audience.
And the best part? It’s fast, actionable, affordable, and ready to use in two clicks.

See through the eyes of your customers

Have you ever wanted to step into your customers' world and experience your marketing work as they do? Let Sonar take you there!

We put your assets in front of an audience of your choice, and capture all their reactions and feedback on video. The output? All the priceless "a-ha" moments that make your marketing go from great to greatest. What to test with your audience, and what for? We offer 5 different product offers that can help guide your decision.
Add some audience zest to your digital touchpoints and see conversion soar.
Refine your campaigns with your audience until you hit the marketing jackpot.
Cross every T and dot every I in your brand identity, to shoot your brand up to stardom.
Identify what makes your customers tick, inspire loyalty,
 and reap the rewards.
Team up with your users to work
 on products and features that solve their actual problems.

Easy. Fast. Actionable. Insights

Want to feel like a research pro, but got no time to get your hands deep in data analysis? Let Sonar do the heavy insights lifting for you. With our platform, you can easily generate video-powered qualitative insights on all your marketing assets and ideas in a workday.
Choose what to test, pick an audience, and get started. That’s really it!
Start in minutes
We gather and analyse all the feedback, translating it into actionable insights.
Insights in 4 hours
Put the pedal on the metal and use the insights to make your content go from great to greatest.
Actions, not data