About us

We are an international team based in Copenhagen with one goal – to change the landscape of user experience research.


Customer centricity is our top priority, and we envision you can only get there by mixing cutting edge tech with human ingenuity – the key ingredients of better and faster qualitative research.


The biggest reason why products and campaigns fail is the disconnect between what customers actually want and what companies think users want. Understanding their actual needs is all about having empathy – and to build empathy with their audiences, companies must listen to them.

Sonar was born out of UserTribe – the leading customer-centricity enabler in the Nordics. After years of helping companies understand their clients, we decided to combine our experience with artificial intelligence to create an automated solution that makes the research process better and more efficient, with the goal of empowering companies to empathise with their users better and faster, reducing their time to insight and helping them obtain invaluable user feedback.

Sonar in numbers

We’re working with some of the most innovative international companies to discover, conceptualize and evaluate great solutions, gathering qualitative data through remote audio, video and desktop-based interviews.

+ 23.000 interviews captured

+ 372.000 nuggets created

+ 32.543 insights generated

We’re fixated
on being…



Human thoughts and feelings are at the heart of everything we do.
We’re understanding – we’ve got what it takes to help you identify your users’ needs and craft top-level UX and UI.



We value simplicity and usability. We don’t overcomplicate things.
We get to the point quickly. We love short sentences.



We enable people to work smarter, not harder.
We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all formulas.
We challenge the status quo to find the optimal solution to any problem.



Our superpower is the ability to tune out the noise and focus on what matters the most.
We approach every feature with a critical mind, ensuring everything we do has real-life use.



We’re passionate about human behaviour, technology and how we can bring them together, in synergy.
We believe the next big tech leap in UX is just around the corner, and we want to be at its forefront.

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