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We don‘t talk enough to our customers. We might survey their satisfaction or measure their conversion, but when we don’t talk to them, we don’t truly understand them.


We believe in the customer centric organisation – and we are on a mission to make it easier for companies to talk to and truly understand their customers and to make that knowledge available and actionable across the organisation.


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We are born out of UserTribe – the leading customer centricity enabler in the Nordics – with the goal to scale human insights by reducing time to insight and the human resource required to do user research.


Sonar is an intuitive and open platform that helps solve the three biggest challenges in video based research:


1) how to write the questions that will get you the answers you need


2) how to process, analyse and organise the data for you to easily be able to create insights


3) how to store, search and share insights across the organisation


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