Sonar acquires Preely. A new era of consumer insights awaits.

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Sonar acquires Preely

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Chat with the world’s first AI-powered
Consumer Telco Avatar

Get instant, summarized answers to your questions, sourced from a database of 1000+ telco consumer video interviews.

Use-cases for Telco Commercial, Marketing and Innovation teams

Consumer behavior analysis
Understand the motivations and preferences driving consumer choices, enabling sharper targeting and messaging.
Product improvement & innovation
Pinpoint areas for innovation and service enhancement, driving customer satisfaction and retention.
Go-to-Market and launch readiness
Strategically prepare for market entry by leveraging real-time consumer insights for optimal launch success.

Empower your decisions with real-time insights

Leverage the power of the worlds first AI-Persona, uniquely tailored for the Telco sector. Benefit from connected, real-time insights drawn from vast pools of integrated interviews, ensuring immediate, informed decision-making.
Access genuine customer video interviews, offering a window into their true needs and behaviors.
Get high-level insights quickly, letting you grasp market sentiments without sifting through hours of data.
Dive into ever-evolving profiles, ensuring you stay in tune with shifting customer landscapes & cutting-edge of consumer trends.
Directly tie insights to relevant telco scenarios, ensuring actionable outcomes for marketing and innovation strategies.

Empower your strategy with evidence-backed consumer knowledge

Leverage our AI-Avatar to refine your strategy with segmented, real-time insights—enhancing your team's agility in an ever-evolving market.
Real-time, in-depth insights
Get unparalleled clarity with continuous updates from actual customer interviews.
Evidence-backed strategies
Make confident decisions based on real consumer sentiments, quotes, and videos.
Built specifically for
Tailored insights, focusing exclusively on telco consumers and their unique needs and preferences.

Sonar is pioneering qualitative intelligence in Telco

We believe in the transformative power of real conversations. While the telco industry is driven by numbers and technology, it’s the human connection that binds it all. Our commitment is to reveal the stories, emotions, and behaviors that help telco leaders find better, more practical solutions.

Sonar is founded by industry veterans with decades of experience, and a commitment to make qualitative insights not just accessible, but actionable and invaluable in the telco sector.