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Sonar acquires Preely

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The Art of Naming: A Case in Market Resonance

Learn how a global fast-food chain utilised Sonar’s AI-powered consumer insights to name a new product in a local market.


A well-known global fast-food chain was gearing up to introduce a new product in a local market (Denmark). They were deliberating over several potential names, available in Danish, English, or a combination of the two. The primary objective was to settle on a name that would connect instantly with their clientele and subsequently boost sales.


To navigate this challenge, the chain utilised Sonar's end-to-end AI-powered consumer insights platform to initiate a name test study. The approach entailed showcasing various naming options to customers, then collating their immediate impressions and understanding the rationale behind their preferences.


One particular name emerged as a favorite due to its undeniable brand association. The study, however, highlighted some potential challenges related to translation and language blending:

  • A direct translation of one term into Danish had an unintended negative association for some participants.
  • Integrating both English and Danish in the name caused a bit of confusion among a section of the participants who were accustomed to seeing menu items predominantly in English.

Remarkably, the entire evaluation process, from setting it up to gathering insights, was completed in a single working day.


Choosing the right name significantly influenced the product's success in the market. The item quickly became popular in Denmark. Furthermore, the naming exercise underscored the essence of sustaining brand consistency, especially in the language representation of their offerings.