Build great solutions

Your users are more than product onlookers. Turn your customers into active players throughout the development process and make sure features and functions match their expectations, minimizing risk before launch.


Use Sonar to observe how customers use your products and solutions, hear what they think and get input on what should be improved through a combination of sharp qualitative and quantitative data.


With Sonar you can:

Test concepts and prototypes

Enable customers to go hands-on with medium or high fidelity web or mobile prototypes or concepts, and get quantifiable insights on their attitudes through customisable survey question templates. Shed more light on your findings: see directly how users respond to more open-ended think-aloud responses, and leverage our AI to spot out emotional reactions based on facial expressions and sentiment analyses.

Validate and prioritize new features

Present proposed features to customers and gather first impressions, levels of appeal, and suggestions for improvement. Use preconfigured rating measures to assess which features perform best, on attributes of your choosing. Leverage more open, qualitative questions to assess which aspects customers most like or dislike about each feature and why, and present multiple features together to draw out comparisons and preferences.

Refine design and user flows

Discover whether customers find proposed designs engaging or impactful, and why, either by focusing in more detail on an individual concept, or comparatively by presenting multiple assets. Test and make sure key flows are intuitive by observing customers navigate through interactive online or mobile prototypes, and watch automatically compiled showreels of user actions on a task-by-task basis to quickly identify potential problem areas.


Features in the spotlight:

Screen and camera recording across
desktop and mobile


Record your participant’s screen on desktop or mobile to watch them engage with your designs, prototypes or websites and use the webcam to get a picture-in-picture recording.

Audience segmentation


Divvy up your audience into multiple segments and test your solution with each of them, or take a different approach and test different solutions with different groups.

Observation-based questions


Ask your participants to complete defined tasks, and get auto-generated insights with time-on-task and emotional reactions for each participant.



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