Sonar Moderated


Bring human connections to the forefront. Unearth real points of friction and core needs, live with your users.


Sonar Moderated automates and cranks up all the most time-consuming aspects of study design, data collection and analysis, so you can fully focus on having the best online moderated interview experience with your users and create deep and meaningful insights.


Insights that matter


Dedicate more time to high-quality actionable insights by establishing human connections with your users, and share them with your stakeholders to create memorable ah-ah! experiences.


Moderated interviews done right


Sonar Moderated’s machine learning and analytics features take the logistical hassle of moderated interviewing, so you can get even closer to your users and gain unique perspectives.


Features in the Spotlight

Timestamped observations
Record every moment of your participants’ interviews while we transcribe, timestamp and break them down into experience-rich data for you to analyse.

Guided moderation
Show private instructions to your moderator to plan for unanticipated answers, suggest topic nosedives and recommend best practices all the way throughout the interview.

Sharing tasks
Share seamlessly qualitative and quantitative tasks with your study participants as they move through the interview.

Get the participants you need. Fast


Tune out the noise and gather high-quality results only from who you want. Select your participants from a worldwide pool of real users, and get the answers you need in a matter of hours.

It’s Time to Talk with Your Users


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