Rocketing innovation in a highly regulated industry – the Danfoss case

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Headquartered in Denmark, Danfoss Power Solutions is one of the world’s leading components and system solutions manufacturers for industries like construction, agriculture, and material handling.


As the number one component supplier in the market, Danfoss is committed to developing the next generation of steering solutions to benefit its customers, the equipment manufacturers and the end-users.


However, its core product lines are highly standardised and regulated in the steering business unit, making innovation a challenge.


Danfoss is committed to developing the next generation of steering solutions to benefit its customers.
However, its core products are highly standardised and regulated, making innovation a challenge.
To speed up research, Sonar conducted a study on its proprietary platform, leveraging the full extent of its technological, analytical and recruiting capabilities.

The Challenge

How do you get more than the answers you’re looking for?

The nature of the industry Danfoss operates in posed a number of challenges. If on the one hand working in a highly regulated, highly specialised industry can stifle innovation, on the other hand, research may be aggravated by the scarcity of highly-specialised study participants. Nevertheless, Danfoss Power Solutions was looking to innovate within its core product line to increase its overall market share and differentiate itself from its competitors. They were explicitly evaluating how they could improve their steering system in terms of feature development and marketing messaging.


To overcome the aforementioned research challenges, Sonar spoke to Purchasing Agents and Technical Engineers at large equipment manufacturers, twenty in total. Our team of recruiters identified each participant individually, ensuring their qualifications for the study. Each participant completed a think-aloud style study, recording both their faces and voices.

Our experts later reviewed each of the videos, identifying key insights and patterns and annotating the videos for future reference. These insights were then summarised into a report, concluding with six-core takeaways on how customers prioritise product features in their purchasing decisions. We conducted the research on the Sonar platform, meaning we substantially cut time and costs by keeping all steps of research within one platform, and by automating the most repetitive aspects of the study.


After illustrating the results of our study, Danfoss discovered something new: in addition to confirming some of their original hypotheses, Danfoss managed to extract new insights from the qualitative customer interviews.

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