How Sunrise Ramped up Consumer Insights Analysis with Sonar


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Sunrise is a Danish commercial transition agency with unique expertise in bridging sales and marketing. Based in Copenhagen, its mission is to elevate brands and people to fulfil their aspirations in an ever-changing market.


With their comprehensive approach focused on customer insights, brand strategy and activation, Sunrise was on the lookout for a solution that allowed its team members to run qualitative interviews in a time and cost-efficient manner.


With Sonar, they can now get end customers’ points of view on topics ranging from idea formulation to digital solutions – without the need to run multi-month projects.

Through Sonar, Sunrise can get from the interviewing process to the analysis much faster
In addition, it can conveniently store, find, and share insights on one platform
In conclusion, Sunrise can concentrate on deeper qualitative analyses, saving time and resources

The Challenge

Building strong brands is no small feat: it requires a deep understanding of not just your customers’ needs, but of their motivations, ambitions, and desires. In three words, it requires real customer insights.

Now, everyone would love to have clear customer insights, right? However, customer insight research happens to be under-prioritized, as hectic everyday life wins over long-term goals and strategic projects.

To save time, companies tend to leave this task to external agencies, but even then, customer insight research is a long process. Indeed, just by looking at the time spent to prep the research – that is, how long it takes to recruit interviews participants, transcribe interviews and generate meaningful quotes and observations, some companies might decide not to initiate this process at all!

This was the situation Sunrise found itself in. If on the one hand, it aimed to deliver the best digital solutions to its clients through qualitative research, on the other, it knew this task was riddled with time-consuming processes. Therefore, it went on the hunt for a more efficient and accessible way to streamline its research.

The Solution

After much consideration, Sunrise spotted the solution to its big pain point – it had to automate the most repetitive processes of qualitative research. And that’s when Sonar came to the rescue.

The agency can now conduct bigger customer behaviour interviews with its own consultants and upload the recorded interviews to Sonar’s platform. Sonar then automates the transcription process and easily allows to extract quotes, categorise and use them for customer insights.

“An often time-consuming but essential and crucial part of our work, gaining customer insights, is executed easier and faster by using Sonar, which is a huge plus for an agency where our world is fast-moving.”

Katrine Nordgaard, Senior Consultant, Sunrise

Furthermore, it can monitor customer experience using video interviews on the platform and get fast customer insights on subjects like communication concepts or digital tools.

Finally, Sunrise has found in Sonar a great platform to gather and share qualitative studies and insights across the organization. It provides an easy overview for both colleagues and clients to contribute and follow along.


Sunrise can now bolt from the interviewing process to the analysis itself. Since Sonar’s transcription and its other AI-powered tools automate most of the tedious manual tasks, the agency is now free to concentrate on creating and sharing insights for brand developments and strategies for its clients.

In addition, it can now conveniently store, find, and share its insights on one platform, thereby expanding the pool of consultants who can collaborate on individual projects.

In short, Sunrise has not only achieved its goal to save time and resources on qualitative research, but it has exceeded it, producing top-notch and easily shareable consumer insights for its clients!

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