Using Mixed Research Methodologies to Sustain Customer-Centricity – the VELUX Case

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Specialising in roof windows and skylights, VELUX mission is to bring daylight and life into homes, workplaces, and schools around the world. With more than 10,000 employees and offices in more than 40 countries, VELUX is a worldwide organisation that serves thousands of customers every year.


Their team is committed to delivering the best possible user experience, not only for their end customers, but also for the architects, contractors, and installers who work with their products.

Many customers first interact with VELUX's products online before they experience them in person.
For the company, getting customer feedback early in the process to validate an idea or concept is as essential as beta or live testing.
With Sonar, they can quickly deploy and translate user research methodologies into rich qualitative insights.

The Challenge

How do you become customer-centric for everyone?

Although VELUX’s products are best experienced in person, many customers first interact with them online. Indeed, VELUX offers a variety of digital products including their website, apps, and other digital tools, to help their customers explore their product catalogue and make a purchase.

To make this experience as seamless and intuitive as possible, VELUX works continuously to keep the customer in mind when developing digital products. To fuel its innovation cycle, VELUX looks for research partners that hold speed, global reach, and valid collection methodologies at the core of its value proposition. That’s why the company approached Sonar to conduct multiple user research studies across a range of digital products and across the whole project lifecycle.


For the company, getting customer feedback early in the process to validate an idea or concept is as essential as beta or live testing. And through Sonar’s research platform, VELUX can validate its ideas and concepts at an early stage and speed up the decision-making process.



As VELUX continues to develop and improve their digital tools, they continue to use a variety of user research methodologies. And with Sonar, they can quickly deploy and translate them into rich and human qualitative insights.

Bring customer-centricity to the core of your value proposition! 

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