Get started with Sonar

On this page we will guide your through the simple process of creating your first study
on the Sonar platform.

1. Log in to the Sonar platform

Log into the Sonar platform or contact us if you would like a demo.

2. Decide what you will improve

There are several ways to create a study. One method is by activating the ‘What will you improve today’ field on the homepage. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Create Study’ button.

3. Name the study and provide study material

The first thing we will ask you to do is to name the study and provide the study material in the form of links, images, PDFs, videos, or similar formats.

4. Review the study design

Our in-house experts, with 20+ years of experience, have crafted the study design. However, if notice anything that you wish to change, you can always reach out.

5. Source the participants

You can source participants by leveraging our expansive network of 4+ million people worldwide, or by recruiting participants from your own network. If you’re interested in self-recruitment, please refer to the guide below.

6. Confirm your order

The final step is to confirm your order details. After this, we will initiate the study and begin the recruitment process if you’ve chosen to source participants through us.

You’re all set! What now?

Though we've divided the guide into 6 steps, we bet you found the entire process surprisingly simple. What comes next is:
The recruitment starts
We will begin recruiting your participants unless you've chosen to do it yourself.
Interviews are analysed
Once we have the designated number of interviews, typically 15, our AI will begin analyzing everything.
Your study is ready!
We will email you as soon as your study insights are ready, often in as little as 4 hours.