Optimise customer experiences

Discover where your customers envision your solutions next. Keep your customers in the loop and constantly improve their experience to stay ahead of the game.


Use Sonar to optimise and refine new or existing features: experience your customers’ immediate post-experience feedback and boost their satisfaction to new heights.


With Sonar you can:

Identify and remove barriers in the decision journey

Walk users through tailored scenarios based on your solution, and get rich qualitative feedback on their experience while observing their responses and actions every step of the way. Save time by using Sonar’s automated sentiment and emotion analysis to flag any potential points of confusion or frustration, and leverage preconfigured probing questions to learn not only what the barriers are, but also why they are disruptive.

Understand and optimise the purchase experience

Gather actionable insights fast: set up short surveys comprising quantitative ratings on a handful of key performance factors of your choosing, along with optional open question(s) to gather supplementary voice snippets for fleshing out your findings. Using Sonar’s browser-based recorder, implement with ease while capturing feedback from real users immediately upon completing your live purchase journey.

Monitor and measure customer satisfaction

Leverage Sonar’s preconfigured survey questions to create a snapshot of how satisfied customers are with your solution, and identify key challenges or pain points. Repeat periodically or conduct on an ongoing basis to evaluate how satisfaction levels and attitudes develop over time, as your solution develops and you bring new iterations to market.


Features in the spotlight:

Browser based recorder


Use a browser based recorder to capture your customers’ feedback, without the hassle of having them install anything. Just embed a study link directly on your
website or newsletter and record interviews in no time!

Sentiment analysis


Ask your customers to “think out loud” and get their quotes analysed by sentiment. Build insights to understand sentiment distribution and assign scores for specific questions or topics.

Survey based questions


Ask your customers to rate their experience and/or to choose what they liked the most. Sonar will compile results and produce auto-generated insights with aggregated scores.

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