Design, collect, analyse and share user research

Sonar leverages a vast dataset to build and continuously optimise AI solutions and automations. This enables you to produce more research, improve data quality and reduce time to insight – all with less effort and always with you in the driver’s seat to adjust and improve what we propose.



Use Sonar to design your user research - you can start from scratch and get suggestions on how best to phrase your questions or you can start with a best practice template.

Task design Build your own task designs asking your participants to think out loud or provide a quantitative response.

Best practice recommendations Get automatic suggestions on how to phrase your questions and what question to ask next.

Study templates Base your task design on a best practice study template.

Insert materials Upload multiple files or insert different links per question.

Different task designs for different audience segments Copy your task designs to different audience segments to do A/B testing or different studies to use again.

Preview your task design Preview your study exactly as your participants will experience it.


Use Sonar to recruit participants and record unmoderated interviews on desktop and mobile - and watch your customers provide feedback on your ideas and concepts or engage with your prototypes or websites. You are also able to upload moderated interviews recorded on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Audience criteria and screener questions Define your audience using pre-defined audience criteria and/or custom screener questions.

Audience segmentation Split your audience into different segments based on audience criteria, screener questions or task designs.

Participant recruitment Recruit participants yourself via email or social media - or source participants through a Recruit Specialist or a global panel.

Desktop and mobile capture Interview your participants on desktop and mobile.

Screen and webcam recording Record your participant’s screen through Sonar to watch them engage with your designs, prototypes or websites and use the webcam to get a picture-in-picture recording.

GDPR compliance Get time stamped consent to your terms and privacy policy.

Upload your own participant video's or record through the Sonar platform. Sonar is flexible. Use the platform to capture your interviews or collect them yourself and upload them directly to Sonar.


Use Sonar to process, analyse and organise your data for you to be able to focus your time and effort on creating insights. You will always be in the driver’s seat - able to adjust and improve what we propose.

Speech-to-text transcription All interviews are automatically transcribed in local language. We will mark anything that we are not sure about and you are able to easily edit the text.

Task timestamps The transcription is automatically split by task for you to be able to easily navigate it. If the interview was uploaded, you will always be able to adjust the timestamps.

Speaker identification Different speakers are automatically identified and tagged. You are able to name the different speakers and change the tags if we got it wrong.

Quotes & Observations All relevant quotes are automatically created for you to review, adjust or delete. You are also able to create your own quotes and observations.

Topic tagging All quotes and observations are automatically tagged with relevant topics. You are able to create your own project specific tags and always add or delete tags, if you think we got it wrong.

Sentiment analysis All quotes are automatically analysed for sentiment and all insights include the sentiment distribution and a sentiment score. You are able change the sentiment on a quote if you don't agree.

Emotional reaction All observations are analysed for emotional reaction and all insights include an emotional baseline analysis. You are not able to change the emotion on an observation, but you are able to delete it, if you don’t believe it.

Auto-generated survey insights Get automatic insights on data gathered from survey questions, including great graph visuals.

Auto-generated observation insights Get an overview of time-on-task for each participant in your study, so you can easily spot outliers and investigate what features users are having issues with.


Avoid the time consuming and static reports that end up lost in too many email inboxes - and instead involve your stakeholders by providing them access to dynamic insights boards and individual customer quotes and observations.

Unlimited users Create unlimited users and invite your colleagues and stakeholders to co-create (or just view).

Share insights Share your research or a specific insights board with your colleagues and stakeholders.

Embed video showreels Embed links to video showreels in your presentation materials and play it directly as part of your presentation.

Language support Translate all customer quotes to English in one click and add either original or English captions to your showreels.

GDPR Keep your data safe by providing your colleagues and stakeholders with access - but not allowing them to download and distribute any personal data outside the platform.


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