Growth Opportunities

What is the next big business venture you should pursue? Test up to 3 new value proposition ideas with your target audience, and make sure they resonate with them and their perception of your brand.

Find the Next Big Thing. Together with Your consumers.

See how far you can expand your core business, to create new revenue streams from uncharted consumer needs.
Validate or kill growth opportunities
Get the consumer's stamp of approval on your new growth opportunities to spring to development, go back to the drawing table, or shut them down entirely.
Reduce time to market
Bring to market solutions guaranteed to pack a punch... at a fraction of the time.
Minimise development costs
Get a lead on what consumers want from your idea, and avoid wasteful development efforts.

What Will You Learn?

Gain a unique perspective on your growth opportunities from your target audience thanks to intuitive and actionable insights
Learn what first impressions consumers have toward the different growth opportunities.
Let you consumer rank the various growth opportunities in terms of interest and relevance, and explain why.
Discover what opportunities are worth pursuing in the eyes of your consumers, and why.
Hear from your target audience what should be tweaked to make each opportunity even more appealing.

Other Studies Included in the Product Package

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