Video Ad

Are Your Ads Winning Hearts or Playing on Mute? Test your video ad with your target group, to validate or refine messaging, visuals and animation and maximise appeal and success.

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Your Video Ads.
Powered by Real Consumers.

Maximise your ad's effectiveness and boost its performance with the help of real consumer feedback, then turn it into a show-stopper.
Reach the Right Audience
Ask your target group if your ads resonate with them or how they could be improved.
Scale up Your ROAS by 50%
Make every penny of ad spend matter more with a catchy ad that your target audience can't help but remember.
Slash Marketing Costs in Half
Get the consumer stamp of approval, and reduce ad production time and ad spend by an estimated 50%.

What Will You Learn?

Gain a unique perspective on your ad from your target group, compiled into intuitive and actionable insights:
Watch consumers as they see your ad for the first time, and discover why they act and comment the way they do.
Learn what your consumers like/don't like, to boost the former and tweak the latter.
Find out if and why your consumers will click on your ads if they see them in their social media feeds.
Discover where each social media ad will perform best in the eyes of your consumers, and why.

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