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Is Your Web Page an Eye Popper or an Eye Roller? Test up to 3 web page mock-ups or links with your target audience, and figure out what inspires your audience to engage with your page.

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Create Stunning Pages
That Captivate Your Audience.

Strap in as your audience unveils the hidden gems that will propel your business to new heights.
Glue your consumers to the screen
Learn more about your users’ experience as they move around your pages, and make adjustments to points of friction throughout.
Increase CTR
Optimise the layout of your design, or drill down and improve individual elements to maximise your CTR.
Increase the conversion rate
Create an experience that hits your consumers' pain points juuust right, leaving them no option but to convert.

What Will You Learn?

Gain a unique perspective on your web pages from your target group, compiled into intuitive and actionable insights:
Watch consumers as they see your web pages for the first time, and discover why they act and comment the way they do.
Learn what your consumers like/don't like, to boost the former and tweak the latter.
Find out if and why your consumers would read and engage with your pages should they see it in a real life situation.
Identify what consumers do as soon as they enter each page.

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