Why Is My Marketing
Stuck on First Gear?

Ever wondered "Why I am shelling out on ALL my ads? Why are my campaigns deader than a 1999 Tamagotchi? Why is my marketing job always on hard mode?"?

Sit tight and grab a candy...because we've got no solution. But your consumers have.

A Shortcut from Marketing to Market-Win

What if you could hear what your consumers have to say about your marketing ideas, campaigns, and assets as you develop them, and turn their opinions, feelings, and real needs into killer value propositions, without murdering your marketing budget? Magic?! No, Sonar.

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Wait…What’s Sonar Again?

In short, Sonar is the consumer insights platform, powered by generative AI, that levels up your marketing efforts with quick customer insights on video. If you want to learn more, check out this video!

What's Sonar for?

Compulsive text-scroller? We got you. Use Sonar to test any of your marketing ideas, campaigns, and assets with real consumers on video in hours. Don’t know where to begin? Here is what our clients like to test most:
Landing Page
Competitive Benchmarking
Campaign Concept
Value Proposition
Social Media Ad
Brand Perception

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We'll show you how to use our consumer insights platform, unveil the secrets of our AI, and teach you how to incorporate consumer research into your marketing process. No biggie.

A Deal so Good...
Our Sales Team is Bullying Us

If you're reading this, congrats! We've strong-armed out higher-ups with a silly good deal. Now, get in touch and claim it before it's gone (or before we break down and cave in)!

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To The Deets!

Let's break down all the perks included in this deal, compared to our standard online offer.

Our Starter Plan

Feel the impact of continuous consumer insights.
1 study per month
  • Equals 15 videos processed each month
Recruit your own customers as study participants
Sonar Recruitment (from €40/participant)
Unlimited users & platform access
Basic customer support
Save up to 2000€

Our Too-Good-to-be-True Deal

Be quick and get premium consumer research now.*
/month. Billed annuallly
12 studies
  • Equals up to 180 videos processed per year
Recruit your own customers as study participants
3 free studies with Sonar-recruited participants (value: up to 1800€)
  • Get 3 studies with 15 participants each, filtered by gender and age in any of the following markets: UK, US, DE, DK, NO, SE, SP, FR, IT, IE
Unlimited users & platform access
Full professional support
  • Includes: platform onboarding, research strategy session, and insights presentation for any of your studies.
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…Why Are You Still Here?

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