Turn customers into fanatics

How deep does your customers' love run? Let’s unlock more love - up to 30% more! We put onboarding flows, loyalty concepts, and brand perception to the test with your audience, and gather insights to build even more loyalty between you and your customers.

Build relationships that stand the test of money

Are you tired of seeing your customers come and go like a revolving door? It’s time to step up your retention game. Test your customer retention programmes with your customers before you set them in motion, and discover what buttons you need to push in order to win over their hearts and minds.

Leave your customers chanting for more

Shake your customer relationship up with loyalty-boosting content. Test the landing pages, blog posts and newsletters supporting your initiatives before launch with your customers, to make sure your ideas stick the content creation landing. Then, use those insights to elevate your content, and build the foundations of a perfect customer love story.

So, how does Sonar work?

Choose one of our 5 study packages. Wanna go for more, or for a more customised study selection? Get in touch!
Pick the pricing plan you want to start with...where are you going? Relax, the first study is ALWAYS free. You can stick around after you’ve seen the actual value of our platform.
Select what to test from any of the studies included in your study package.
Filter your audience as narrowly as you need, and upload the content you want to test.
We gather and analyse your audience’s video feedback into actionable insights and recommendations in as little as 4 hours.
Put your insights to work and make your content go from great to greatest.

We've got a plan for you!

It's free to get started and easy to get a plan that fits your needs.
Campaign Sign up today and get 1 free study with recruited participants, within the UK or US market (Value €995)


Basic plan where you recruit the study participants yourself
First month free. Then €495/month
Up to 10 studies with own participants
100 participants per month
Unlimited users & platform access
Basic customer support


Standard plan where we recruit the study participants for you
10 studies with recruited participants*
  • Available markets: UK, US, DK, SE, DE, NO, FI, IT, ES, FR
  • Advanced demographic targeting available
Up to 15 participants per study
Unlimited users & platform access
Basic customer support


Flexible plan with access to everything incl. study experts
Get in touch
All study types and recruitment options available
  • Available markets: 139 languages & markets
  • Advanced & custom demographic targeting available
Unlimited participants
Dedicated customer support & success
Professional service options
* If you need additional study credits, it is possible to renew this pricing plan. Alternatively you can convert it into a Custom plan.

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