Improve Your User Understanding with Automatic Survey and Observation Insights



19 November 2021


This month, Sonar spiced up qualitative studies on its platform with two new exciting features: automatic survey insights and automatic observation insights. These features will crank up your user understanding, by adding more quantitative elements to your qualitative research.

Automatic survey insights


Our new survey insights feature allows you to easily visualise the results of survey tasks added to your study. When a study has survey tasks (scale, radio button, or checkbox), Sonar now automatically creates a “Survey questions” tab in the Insights section, containing special quantitative insights for each question.

However, true magic happens when you click on one of the survey insights. Here, you can see a collection of all the survey answers, displayed separately and in a bigger graph. This allows you to get a quick results overview of your survey data, without the need to process any data manually.

Illustration of the survey insights feature

Automatic observation insights


With automatically generated observation insights, you can now get a quick time-on-task data overview from all your participants. This feature helps you to spot outliers among your participants and to investigate their behaviour to detect issues with your product.

For instance, assume you’re conducting a study where the majority of participants needed 2 minutes on a task, and you notice one participant who needed a lot more. Now, you can quickly drive your attention to analyse this participant’s video and find out what went wrong.

Observation Insight Feature image

Additionally, you can go deeper and build up your results by combining an observation task with a survey or scoring task. Using the previous example, if the participant took too much time to complete a task and also scored negatively, that strongly indicates something is amiss and requires attention.


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