45 million DKK
to democratise human insights –
how we landed our biggest investment round ever

We’re over the moon! We’ve just raised a 45 million DKK investment round – our biggest one yet. This new financing, championed by Arbejdernes Landsbank and our existing investors, is yet another milestone in our mission to make human, empathy-driven insights available for everyone.

Modern businesses know that human insights are the foundation of building winning products, services and communication. The old way of doing things – where only an insights team is responsible for customer or user understanding and is working with basic surveys, collecting surface-level data without focusing on why the data exist – is no longer enough to stay competitive. At Sonar, we want to give all teams an intuitive solution they can use to integrate customer or user perspectives into every solution they develop. 

Arbejdernes Landsbank, with its customer-centric focus and having been an engaged client with Sonar first-hand supporting them in its digitalisation, expanded new products and services, is clearly no stranger to this notion – one more reason why we’re so thrilled to have them join our board and make our ambition ever closer!  

At the same time, our existing investors have also renewed and increased their stake in the company, seeing the potential our product and team have to make qualitative research truly accessible to everyone who wants to create better customer experiences. 

This landmark achievement acknowledges both the great product we have developed over the years, which has helped us work with some of the most recognisable brands, and our world-class team, who built our brand, product and vision from the ground up. That’s what our investors strongly believe in – the human connection we established over the years, the insights we brought to the table, the energy and drive from a team of world-class talented people – and that’s what we want to keep delivering through this new funding.

At the same time, the capital provided by Arbejdernes Landsbank will give us the financial stability to pursue our long term ambitions with no compromise, and to crank up our scale-up business one notch or two. While we’re dead set on speeding through our end goal – delivering high-quality human insights at scale – by powering up our platform further and further, we’re going to ramp up our commercial team, in an effort to export our product and establish ourselves as the leading insights providers in Europe for every company ready to develop memorable customer experiences.

You can read the full press release document here.

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