Run Better Qualitative Studies with Data Export and Automatic Quote Creation in German and Danish


In our never-ending quest to deliver the best UI to UX experts, we’re excited to announce two new quality of life updates in our platform, that will allow you to expand your audience pool and run your studies even faster: the new automatic quote creation in German and Danish feature and the Data Export feature update. 

As a cherry on top, we’ve also squeezed in a brand new Study Summary in our Data Export update, containing a sweeping quantitative insight into your study!

Automatisierte nuggets / Automatiseret nuggets



Our AI can now assist you even further! The machine learning model that automatically creates quotes has been fine-tuned and is now available in German and Danish. Furthermore, the English version has also gotten an overhaul and is now better and more accurate than ever!

Data Export Revamp


In this update, we’ve tweaked the previous data export feature and added a new data export – the Study Summary export. Now you can download large quantities of raw data in .csv format with just a couple of clicks and have them always within reach if you want to make separate analyses or generate your own reports.

Our new Study Summary export includes: 

  • Average interview length
  • Total number of tasks and sub-tasks
  • Total number of quotes
  • Total number of observations
  • Total number of participants
  • Average number of quotes per participant
  • Average number of observations per participant
  • Average number of quotes per task


You can find this updated feature and all the various exports by going into your study of choice and clicking on the “More Actions” button.

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