Sonar muscles up its human perspectives platform to go global

Digital transformation is revolutionising the way companies do business and interact with customers. Only a few years ago, most companies were in direct dialogue with their customers. Today, customers are interacting with companies more and more through digital interfaces. 

In order to maximise their investments in digital transformation and deliver the best products, services and experiences, companies are realizing they must understand their customers – something far deeper than simply knowing who they are. Traditional research, with its big data focus, is unable to cater to this need, since it does not grasp the importance of human perspectives as key decision-making elements.


Simply put, companies cannot survive on mere metrics any longer: they need to empathise with their customers.


This is shown by the sheer increase in small data research, with businesses always on the hunt for faster, smarter and more flexible ways to integrate insights in their decision-making process, in an increasingly competitive, yet technologically immature, market. Until now.

Sonar is attempting to revolutionise the way companies work with research and the industry itself, bringing cutting edge technology and automation to deliver unique small data research and elevate empathy as a key decision-making factor. To do so, the Danish Human Perspectives Platform provider is gaining momentum, leveraging on its technology, expertise and partnerships to make a global splash. 

“We now want to scale our operations and fully focus on the software element of our company, empowering companies to build better solutions and services for their customers and increase their revenue potential.”

Casper Henningsen, Sonar’s Co-founder & CEO

With its technological focus and its expertise in understanding human perspectives, Sonar will be able to fulfil its mission and empower digital product teams to get better insights, faster. Its platform is now poised to become an invaluable instrument for those businesses with mature structures, in need of cutting-edge technology and additional expertise to ramp up their human research in both scope and scale.

“Since we developed and adopted this platform, our employees have increased their productivity significantly. That’s only possible because our machine learning-powered platform dramatically speeds up research, removing the most consuming aspects of research and slashing their time-to-insight, allowing decision-makers to deliver real impact with high-quality findings, with a fraction of the time”

Casper added.

To accelerate even further its global expansion plans, and to cater to the needs of its most specialised and demanding clients both in Denmark and abroad, Sonar has announced key partnerships with management consultancy Implement Consulting Group and Sunrise, The Commercial Transition Agency.

On the new partnership, Casper added:

“We can’t wait to collaborate even further with partners like these to make our mission and vision a near-future reality. We have already worked together in the last years, and we believe this partnership will allow us to create stronger business synergies and more value for our clients”.

Both companies will now become the first certified partners on the Sonar platform. This means they’ll be able to work with the platform and enhance their list of client’s deliverables with human perspectives, and to help Sonar service more tailored needs to its existing clients.

On the new partnership, Christian Milner, Senior Partner at Implement Consulting Group, and Simon Hertz, CEO and owner of Sunrise, respectively commented:

“With Sonar, we have a solution that helps companies connect with their customers throughout the development of their projects – and not many can do that. We are able to integrate customer insights right into the projects and see their impact on our results. We strongly believe in Sonar. With their technology, they have already managed to secure large international companies in established industries as customers – yet another proof of their platform’s value.”

Christian Milner, Senior Partner at Implement Consulting Group

“We have worked with the platform for several years, and this partnership gives us an even stronger opportunity to work end to end with our customers – from product development to sales and service. Like Sonar, we see great international potential in the collaboration, and we look forward to presenting new possibilities to the market, helping even more companies achieve their business results.”

Simon Hertz, CEO and owner of Sunrise

The partnership shows once more Sonar’s desire to be a leader in enabling empathy and human perspective in the world of digital development – a potential market that combines the many fields of research and is valued north of USD 45 billion – and to scale up as a fully operational SaaS company. 


To that extent, Sonar and its parent UserTribe have united into one brand – Sonar.


“Sonar, originally born out of UserTribe, was created to help UserTribe deliver on the thousands of interviews, user tests and other forms of research it worked on each year. We then decided to make Sonar an independent brand, to test its commercial viability and scale up empathy outside our company as well. Now, we realise Sonar has become the foundation of our company, which is why we have decided to unite the best elements of both UserTribe and Sonar and create one brand”

Casper commented on the brand union.

The brand union will combine Sonar’s unique technological capabilities with UserTribe’s 10 years of experience in research, in a move that will turn Sonar into one of the most experienced companies in the field overnight.

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