October News From Sonar: Karaoke transcript, survey nuggets, and other improvements


14 October 2021

Survey nuggets

Sonar now showcases quantitative data in a nugget format (see below) – also called the “survey nugget”. Whenever a participant answers a quantitative task a nugget is generated and shown in the Quotes & Observations page.

This allows for an easy overview of all participant quant answers – and you can use them in Insights.



Observations as a response type

A new task response type has been added. Use this option if you are interested in knowing how long it will take for your participants to complete a task. It will give you an indication of who is struggling with it and who completes it fast.

– Automatically created observation with time on task
– Duration added to all observations
– Easy way to compare how easy a task was (e.g. if all participants except one solved the task quickly, then it might be interesting to look into the one who didn’t solve the task as fast)



The transcript will now be highlighted and follow along with the interview.


Translation of audience criteria

The audience criteria in the Sonar Platform has been translated to more languages. You can now build screeners using these supported languages:

– English
– Danish
– German
– Swedish
– Norwegian

Start building your localized screeners:


Single Sign-On with Google

It’s now even easier to get access the Sonar Platform. Use your Google email to login or register.


Hide participants while staying in control

– You can now completely hide the participant interviews, while keeping the control. Giving you more screen real estate for the transcription
– Additionally, “audio only” interviews will now by default only show the video player controls.

Here’s how it works.


Hide automated quotes

– You can now hide automatically generated quotes from the Quotes & Observations page.

How to:

– Go to the Interviews page
– Click the burger menu for a participant
– Click “Hide all automated quotes” to hide the automated quotes for the specific participant

Control access

– Revoke user access to projects
– Viewers can remove other viewers
– Collaborators can remove other collaborators and viewers
– Producers can remove other producers, collaborators and viewers



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