Organising data can be a time-draining, mind-numbing, and research-stalling process.

As you sift through hours of interviews, your study grinds to a halt, and at worst, you lose sight of the big picture – and you definitely don’t want to get there.


This is where Themes comes to the rescue.


With Themes, You Get


A helicopter view of your data set


Explore a brand new way to explore data. Themes automatically groups similar data (i.e. research nuggets) together, so you can get an instant overview of the main themes in your study, without the need to look at your video interviews one by one.

A middle step in your data journey


Gain a massive head start on data analysis and leap into insights generation. Zoom out from individual research nuggets, build upon automatically generated themes or create your own, and cut time-to-insight with a smarter way to look at data.


A fast track to insights, fuelled by AI


Harness the power of our AI: browse through a sweeping collection of data, scored by semantic strength and clustered into themes by our proprietary algorithm, and focus your full attention on creating impactful insights.


With this feature, we also have revamped our AI to suggest unexplored themes – so you can dash to insights even faster!

Creator’s insights

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Get out of the data bog – experience Themes now!



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