Understand your customers

Your customers know their needs better than you ever will. Engage with your target customers to truly grasp their needs and motivations, and make sure you work to solve their actual problems.


Use Sonar to identify opportunities, discover need gaps and map customer journeys through rich qualitative data.


With Sonar you can:

Understand customer needs and motivations

Get a better feel for what customers need and why, both by asking them to voice their needs directly and by using exploratory questions to gauge the current state of play. Leverage Sonar’s keyword tags to help articulate key needs, both currently catered for and unmet, through deriving and exploring common themes across responses. 

Identify pain points and map decision journeys

Focus in on identifying current challenges, barriers and frustrations; deep-dive using templated probing questions designed from best practices to better understand how and why such pain points arise. Gain customer perspectives over your intended journeys to assess where friction points exist, and get input to communicate how flows and processes can be optimised.

Validate ideas and concept directions

Showcase early-stage concepts or materials to customers and assess how well they resonate, either through comparing multiple ideas, or by focusing further in on a single proposition. Set up preconfigured scoring questions or rating scales to put a clear figure on your customer understanding, impressions and preferences, and combine it with think-aloud queries to explore why.


Features in the spotlight:

Study builder


Use best-practice templates, or start from scratch and use our AI smart-guide to get suggestions on how best to phrase a question and get the answers you need. Use a combination of survey, think-aloud and observation-based questions to generate a mix of ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ data, and gain a whole new perspective on your customers’ problems.


Auto-generated quotes


Sonar will automatically identify relevant quotes from your participants and make them ready for you to search, filter and use to create insights. With an average of 80% of all the quotes used in our studies being auto-generated, you’ll get a massive head start on your analysis.

Automated keyword tagging


Sonar will automatically tag all quotes and observations with relevant keywords, and make sure this is done consistently across all data and studies. This allows you to keep data tagging consistent and to extrapolate them for cross-study analyses. You are, of course, able to create your own topics and instruct our AI on how to use them.

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