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In this joint webinar with CPHUX, you’ll listen to different perspectives from UX research industry experts on how to share your research findings in different company environments.


  • Fading in the distance: why are we done with UX research reports

  • Creating collaborative recommendations

  • Unless you want to publish a book…best practices to share insights in an effective manner



In this masterclass, Jökull Snæbjarnarson and Dorota Harsbo, CTO and Lead UX Designer at Sonar, give a glimpse of current needs in the UX world and show us how AI is helping with quotes generation and pattern recognition in qualitative data analysis.


  • The state of AI in UX research

  • How are quotes automatically generated

  • Speeding up topic seach with Semantic Search

  • AI-powered quotes clustering – Themes 


In this webinar, Teodor Lyzwinski (UX Researcher at Sonar) and Anna Steensig (Partner Success Director at Sonar) will talk about methodological triangulation in UX research, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and providing real-life case studies on how to best use it in your next studies.


  • Intro to triangulation

  • Using triangulation in remote and unmoderated studies

  • Where theory meets real life: how to apply methodological triangulation in your next study


In this webinar, Dorota Harsbo – Lead UX Designer at Sonar – will cover the main challenges and opportunities in creating qualitative study designs.

  • Remote vs. in person interviews

  • Moderated vs. unmoderated testing

  • How to get the best results from your study setup



In this webinar, Anna Steensig (Head of Product Delivery at UserTribe) and Jökull Snæbjarnarson (Head of Data Science and Applied AI at Sonar) discuss the main challenges in UX and how new technologies have enabled research professionals optimize their work.

  • The biggest challenges in creating and sharing UX insights

  • How AI advancements have contributed to solving these challenges.

  • How AI-based solutions can help you design, analyse and share insights


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