Sonar acquires Preely. A new era of consumer insights awaits.

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Sonar acquires Preely

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Turn real customer feedback into AI-powered insights to fuel your marketing

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Get qualitative insights from your customers at the speed of light. Sonar puts your marketing idea, concept or content in front of your audience, and gathers their response into actionable insights. Feedback given by humans; speed and cost driven by AI. That’s the recipe for a marketing revolution, we’d say.
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Powered by AI,
led by your customers

Imagine you could ask your customers almost in real time how to best succeed buying your products or services. Imagine you could understand their perspective. Understand why they would love, hate or even worse, not care about that campaign, product or brand message that you spent so much time and money on crafting.Well, would you look at that. You can, actually. In less than 4 hours.

How does it work?

Speed, cost and quality are key to the value of consumer insights. We’ve trained our generative AI tool to perform tasks within minutes, that would take a human hours to do. It will:

  • Help you form research questions and methodologies to gain the most valuable insights,
  • Transcribe speech and conduct emotional analysis of the videos, and
  • Cluster data, find patterns, quotes and observations – and add data layers such as tags, themes and sentiments.

But you haven’t heard the best part yet. It identifies key insights across all video interviews for you. So you can focus less on analysing and more on creating marketing that is on point.

A tool to help your marketing budget perform at its best

We've spent four years training our generative AI on more than 100.000 sessions, meaning we can deliver qualitative insights faster, more actionable and to the point than any other solution out there. Because we know what matters to you. We're in the consumer insights business, you see.
High speed
Sonar gathers and analyses feedback from your audience, translating it into actionable insights in less than 4 hours.
Low cost
You have a marketing budget and that's alright. We got you covered with our cost-effective pricing structure.
Best quality
Unlock new aha's with best-in-class quality. Sonar delivers connected, fluid consumer insights that are easy to access and share.

Insights professional or marketeer - which one are you?

I'm an insights professional
Explore how AI is revolutionising the consumer insights space, and how insights professionals can reap the benefits.
I'm a marketing professional
Learn how AI-powered consumer insights can help you achieve hero status as a marketing professional.

Why generative AI is ushering in a revolution in consumer Insights

Explore the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of AI-generated insights and learn how they can enhance decision-making, drive revenue growth, and transform marketing success.

Industry-leading security practices

Our security complies with and exceeds the widely accepted security standards. Our solutions are designed to assist you in meeting your compliance needs, and we have implemented stringent security measures at both the architectural and operational levels to ensure the safety of your data.